Sunday, October 7, 2007

Clappy visits the beach/Clappy visita a la playa

Undaunted by a cloudy, windy day, I took Clappy to the beach for some relaxation. Earlier in the day, I knew that I was coming to the end of the 1st skein of yarn and needed to find the 2nd one to continue. I had photographic evidence damnit that there were two skeins! My stash is one of the only organized things about me. Unable to find the hiding skein (here kitty,kitty don't you want to be a part of this extremely pretty Clapotis?), I set out on finding a replacement on the internet. How hard could it be to find Lana Grossa Mulitringel sock yarn in color 2213? I found every other color EXCEPT my color. A very sad e-mail to the betties explained my plight. Within minutes, Carol had come to the rescue! It was on one of my favorite, favorite sites: Kpixie! Whew!

After the beach, I had to celebrate! Clappy and I went to one of my favorite places on the beach! The Holiday Inn where the super bartender, Jose, whipped me up a couple of great cosmopolitans. No knitting while drinking cosmos! Clappy stayed safely in my backpack. I learned my lesson last month after drinking mojitos and trying to start another argosy scarf. Here's the evidence of that:
Buenos dias a todos!

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