Saturday, May 26, 2007

Scavenger Hunt Pics

Happy Saturday everyone! I saw this invitation to join a contest/scavenger hunt on Carol's blog

Here's the rules:

I'm really glad I started looking through my pictures. I've had a helluva year. Lots of travel and adventures, good and bad. The bottom line is that I was dumped both personally and professionally last year and not one of these pictures would have been taken if I hadn't been laid off and then broken up with. I can't even name all the people who have literally saved my life this year just by being there.
Off to find a street sign, a library card, to take a pic of a green ball of yarn and an ice cream truck.

Kisses and hugs to all!

A knitter other than me knitting in Public

Here's my friend Brandi from San Diego showing off all of her in progress knitting at Knit Night at Starbucks in San Diego. They're there on Monday nights at the Starbucks on Balboa and Genessee. Visit them at

Patty, the founder of the infinite knitters nicknamed me the itinerant knitter, but I call myself Vagabond Bettie after my South Florida knitting group, the Sweetstitchingbetties

This was my first and second socks that I ever knit. I made them when I was in training in San Diego. Brandi and I went to a local LYS and bought Plymouth Tweed to make the socks. Then we went to a great restaurant in LaJolla Cove called The Spot. We drank and ate and wound yarn. I'm not gonna talk about the different sizes of the sox except to say that I can't unravel one to make it look like the other. I was shocked that they came out so different.
A Library Card

A Ball of Green Yarn

A bicyclist
This was a bicyclist in Central Park in NYC that I saw last June. I took my first trip ever to New York City and caught this pic there.

A Street Sign
Street signs where I live in Puerto Rico are meant as "guidelines".

A flower
I found this flower by accident in El Yunque (The Caribbean National Rainforest). My friend Fernando and I were walking along the road and not even on a trail. I think it's a type of Ginger.

APublic Work of Art
All I know that I saw this when I was driving along Fisherman's Wharf when I was in San Francisco last September. I went to San Jose on business and took an extra day to see San Francisco. If you get the chance to travel on business, take some time and go see the sights. You can catch up on your sleep when you get home.

your reflection in an unexpected place

I attended the wedding and subsequent honeymoon of my friends Alexandra and Leo in Las Vegas in November. Alexandra and I were in San Diego for 6 months for training. They were planning a December wedding here in Puerto Rico and were not returning in time to complete the mess of paperwork and "stamp collecting" required to do anything government-wise here. So, the official ceremony was in Vegas and the church wedding was for show! We went on an excursion to Hoover Dam the day after the wedding and I took this pic of a statue's feet and mine. I love this picture.

someone in a catalog pose

Here's my friend, Ramon's best catalog pose. I hope I get extra points for the eye candy element. For anyone who would like an even better pose, post here.

A funny billboard or sign: This picture was taken in an area of Puerto Rico called Pinones. Every beach area has a bunch of different kinds of food booths (none of it healthy) called Kioskos. My daughters and I were trying to find parking when we saw this sign. Pinchos in Puerto Rican Spanish is shish-ke-bob. I love this place!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

No-Knit Saturday

Este dia of hiking was muy bueno!

Mis amigos Kevin and Ramon in El Yunque.

I know it's tuesday, but I've been busy....

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Knitting in Puerto Rico

Doesn't get any better (in bad Spanish: mas mejor) than this. At least I am getting mejor (good spanish) speaking. Sometimes, it's only because I have the script laid down for the grocery store or Wallgreens or the restaurant! My daughter told me that a friend of hers is taking Spanish classes in Michigan. The teacher told them on the first day that the best they could hope for in speaking proficiency is to sound like a precocious two year old. I think I might be a precocious three or four year old (in Spanish)
Remember that market bag from Organic Cotton that we Betties were drooling over about 2 months ago? I had some cool blue cotton in my stash and am in the middle of it now. It's a MARKET BAG, not a PURSE! I can hear the laughing from here (woo hoo! ha ha ha Cheryl's making another purse!) I've even figured out a purse I want to make with Karaoke and the branching out pattern. :)
Buenos dias, y'all from Puerto Rico! I've decreed the island the JUNK FOOD CAPITOL OF THE WORLD!!! Here's the scoop: You may have learned that ice cream in Spanish is helado. Here, we call it mantecado. Manteca is the spanish word for fat (well, lard). Puerto Rican's turn even healthy foods into mantecado. I'm going to find the sign later and post it, but there is a sign outside an icecream store here that lists one of its flavors as zanahoria. THIS IS CARROT! We have all the traditional US junk food like Burger King, Mc Donalds, KFC, you name it, and to top it off we have KIOSKOS. I thought kiosks were only in malls and sell stuff like cell phones and Avon and belts and purses! Today when I'm out, I'll take a pic of this, but right next to many beaches are rows of kiosks that sell lost of fried stuff. Here's one pic that my daughter took last week when we were in Pinones which is a gorgeous beach just north of the airport.
Pincho is shiskebab!