Tuesday, August 14, 2007

AH Wednesday/ FO Wednesday

OK, Brandi's back from her longest trip ever, so I wanted to come up with an ass-hat of the week in her honor. I already used Mike Rowe, and I'm thinking and thinking and thinking some more. I'm stumped! I really have my mind on Kevin Costner this week. Brandi, I hope you like Kev too. I picked this picture because some people have told me that I look like Susan Sarandon. So, squint already. I do so look like her.

I lent my copy of Bull Durham, which is the best baseball movie ever, to my fellow Costner crazed co-worker Daricel. She tells me that I'm the crazy one and that she's taking lessons from me. Here's a picture of her that disproves that theory from when we went Las Vegas for a wedding last November:

First, here's the crazy girl

And here's another pic to show you how beautiful she really is (still crazy all the same). Crazy bride on the left. That's worth another whole post

No pics of Baby Diego, the first BD baby yet, but here's my FO for today. The heartbreakingly cute baby kimono from Mason-Dixon Knitting with the frog knitted into the back.
I'm so proud!
And evidently so easily entertained.

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