Wednesday, August 8, 2007

AH Wednesday!!!!

I don't want to make Barry Bonds the AH of the week, but in honor of his great achievement in baseball, I give you..... drumroll....
Mike Piazza. I have seen his ass pretty close up and it's a good one. I had seats right on the field when the Marlins played the Mets some years back. OMG. The man was waived recently from the Oakland A's so he's available to be traded.

On the knitting front, the kimono for baby Diego is finished just in time! The little guy was born on Monday! No pics yet.
The new bamboo arrived and it's way, way soft. I only tried a little swatch because I decided that I had to get my bamboo circ off another project. I tried the swatch with my metal CRAPPY NEEDLES which I LOVE anyway, but the yarn is too slippery for me to handle.
Later all!
BTW, Brandi is on dry land in the Singapore airport and on the way to spend a few days in Japan. She's eager to get to see HP at the movies and get a copy of the new book that was released while she was at sea. Welcome back!


heyfatlulu said...

Mmmm. Hmmm.
I got nothin'. I had an odd week, and am asshat-less.

Have you cast on the Bamboo yet??

vagabond bettie said...

I've been working crazy hours and too tired to even try a simple pattern this week. I'm going to spendo some quality time with that Bamboo this weekend. It is truly soft. Not like the older SWTC bamboo. And on the live AH front, I actually have been asked out on a real date by a real man. He asked me out, then stopped and said "Wait! are you married or anything like that?" So, I started to laugh and said no, but I was going to ask the same question! He's the only single Puerto Rican man on the island. I swear to god.

heyfatlulu said...

Well, at least he asked, so that must mean he cares!
I hope that you have real fun on your real date!! ; )

Carol said...

OK, you have to stop with all the sweetassness

vagabond bettie said...