Thursday, August 16, 2007

Good thing I got a stash

Como se dice "stash" en espanol?

It's a good thing I have one! I'm in the upper left corner. The current track has the eye staying below us, but there's a good bit of weather above the eye. Also, because the forward speed of the storm has increased, the ETA for the eye is late Friday, early Saturday. My friday date is probably in jeopardy. :(

Looks like we'll have a rainy weekend here in Puerto Rico.


skully said...

Stay dry and get lots of knitting done by hurricane lantern! I'll be thinking of you!

knitting pirate librarian said...

Glad the storm isn't headed directly toward you, but still stay inside and be safe! Hopefully your date won't be rained out!, amd hopefully it won't be one for the book :)

brandilion said...

so it could just be me and i have to admit i have never been in a hurricane, but is it a good idea to be holding pointy sticks in high winds?

don't impale yourself. i'll be pissed.

Carol said...

Hang in there! We'll be waiting to hear!