Monday, September 3, 2007

Cheryl and her daughter and her sock visit Arecibo

Am I limber or what? Arecibo is pretty cool. If you liked the movie Contact, this is the place where part of it was filmed. They're out here in the middle of nowhere looking for galaxies and hoping to get signals from other worlds. I hadn't tried knitting socks since December in San Diego when Brandi coached my sorry ass through it. I took out her directions again and had to laugh. There's specific instructions just for me! "Cheryl, at this step... " Brandi, you'll be happy to know that I got all the way through the hard part and it looks great. I am just doing the long boring round and round to make the foot. My daughter came from Ann Arbor for the weekend so we're busy running around and having fun. Tonight we'll take the sock to Old San Juan for dinner.

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Que Sarah said...

Looks wonderful!! Hope you had a wonderful time with your daughter!! Your sock's looking pretty good... can't wait to see the finished pair :-)