Wednesday, July 25, 2007

AH Wednesday/ FO Wednesday

Here I am, sitting on my front porch, drinking some way potent Puerto Rican cafe con leche and racking (Wracking?) my brain trying to come up with my ass hat of the week. OMG, David Stein flies in outta nowhere right onto my head. LOOKIE HERE at this guy! To top it off, he's got a great voice. He's the voice on early morning radio for Sporting News Radio. When I was in South Florida, a local AM Sports station was playing his show. I had gotten into the habit of waking up in the middle of the night. Since I've never had insomnia, I was at a loss about how to deal with it. I started to turn on the radio and even though I LOVE baseball and baseball talk, I found that talk radio put me right back to sleep. Even though the show is only played in some markets, you can get it on AOL radio for free. Check out The best part of the show is that David talks about a wide variety of topics, not all sports related, but always very interesting. Haven't heard any knitting talk yet, but that's because we haven't hit the airwaves yet! Nothing like a little AH!!! Now that I've found that he's on AOL radio, I can wake up, knit and listen. Great ass hat too.

For the knitting talk, I've decided to make the next few days an extended FO weekend. I finished the heartbreakingly cute baby kimono from Mason-Dixon Knitting for baby Diego, soon to be the first BD Biosciences baby! We're thinking that we should but a playpen, put it in the cubicle area and pass the little guy around. Muchas tias y tios! Many aunts and uncles for el nene. I'll also finish my first shopping bag and my son's bathmat.


heyfatlulu said...

Oooh, a weekly asshat?? mmmmm.
Okay, me. Severus Snape (or, Alan Rickman dressed as Snape).
Back up? (NO pun intended!) this week: George Clooney, but he wouldn't be allowed to talk. Maybe he'd have to be blindfolded also. heheh

vagabond bettie said...

No talking? Hmmmm. I'm thinking my fantasy would allow speaking. I do like my idea from earlier in the week. Alternate nights with a bartender and a chef. Throw George in once in awhile (afterall, I probably need to share). What on earth am I doing sitting here on my porch?