Sunday, July 1, 2007

Wiki Waki Meme

Alrighty then! My friends:
and Sarah,

have each posted their answers already to this meme. For some reason, when I try to make the links live, they disappear! So, copy and paste the oldfashioned way!
Here's the deal: Go to Wilkipedia. Type in your birthday (no year). Pick three events, 2 births and 1 holiday and post! Send me a link to yours!

3 events

1870 - Louisa Ann Swain of Laramie, Wyoming becomes the first woman in the United States to cast a vote legally after 1807. Woo hoo Louisa. Why don't we know more about the history of women talking the right to vote?

1995 - Cal Ripken, Jr. breaks Lou Gehrig's consecutive games played record.
Woo Hoo Cal! One of my favorite baseball players of all time. Beautiful eyes and candidate for ass-hat of the day. I'm finding a pciture NOW!

2000 - The Millennium Summit takes place.

2 births
1766 - John Dalton, British chemist and physicist (d. 1844)
Woo HOO! Fellow Chemist born on my b-day! Probably not a candidate for ass-hat.

1925 - Jimmy Reed, American blues singer (d. 1976)
I LOVE the blues!

1 holiday

Swaziland - Independence Day (from the United Kingdom, 1968).


Carol said...

I'm beginning to think you have a mild obsession with ass must of had a great day at the beach!

vagabond bettie said...

Yes, obsessed since I have had no action in YEARS (ok, months). I did have a good day at the beach. Knitted, talked to some people, ate potato chips, got sunburned.

vagabond bettie said...

BTW, I linked you , Torii and Mimi and it won't work!! GRRR

Debbie said...

That photo doesn't show the part in question!


vagabond bettie said...

hmmm, right you are, Deb. The other great part of Cal Ripken, JR is his eyes. Off to hunt some better pics.

Que Sarah said...

I know the one with him facing the American flag is supposed to be sentimental, but honestly, what an ass!!! Baseball players (especially pitchers)have the best tooshies (I should know, I married one =))

vagabond bettie said...

What flag????!!!!

heyfatlulu said...

Que Sarah! Married to a pitcher, huh?
heheheh, me too! Toronto Blue Jays (until injuries put paid to that)

I *adore* Cal! Those eyes! That ass! oooohhh

vagabond bettie said...

I waant one! I'm putting out the call!