Friday, July 27, 2007

I swear, I'm innocent!

I was reading one of the Bettie blogs a few minutes ago and saw that a visitor had come to the Bean the other night and was knitting a licorice thong! I had seen a pattern for this a couple of years ago before I knew how to knit. I hadn't saved it since I figured that I would never know how to knit well enough to make it. Really, all I did was to google "Knitted licorice thong" Waddya know? Not only do I get the licorice thong, but actual pay dirt! Click here:

Way, way cool stuff here! I thought knitty would never need a shout out. Let's start talking! My fave is ummmm the men's thong. No! the mon petit chou! NO! zaftig! To borrow a word from Sarah, "HOLY HELL!!"

Here's the pic above for what started my Friday afternoon journey!

Off to the mailbox and hope my bamboo is there so I can pick it up at the Post Office. Then to Walgreens for licorice, then who knows! Old San Juan?

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vagabond bettie said...

Somebody take pity on me and send me some string licorice! I've been looking around today with no luck.