Monday, July 23, 2007

My first Knitting Lingerie Style Project Choice

Drum roll. please!

The fit-n-flare skirt! Ta Da! Enough with the exclamation points already chica!!!

Go here to the Knitting Lingerie Style Knit A long

Here's an example of the skirt (not mine) :

After a consult with Missa at Kpixie, I decided on the SWTC new bamboo that she promised is softer than the older SWTC bamboo. The book recommends a wool that I thought would be too hot for "you know where" My babies were shipped USPS priority this afternoon. Maybe they will be here in time for a weekend of beach knitting.


heyfatlulu said...

ooooooh! pretty, and a great choice. let me know what you think of that yarn. i have the original, and i found it very rough also.

vagabond bettie said...

and it felt so soft on the skein! I was promised that the new stuff is softer. I started a cute top with the old stuff and don't even know if I want to continue with it. grrrr.

vagabond bettie said...

the new bamboo arrived and it's so soft! I tried a swatch to see and could barely knit it with my metal circs. I have the top that I'm making with the original scratchy bamboo on my bamboo needles, but I think I need to make a switcheroo.