Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy Fourth to All!

I took this picture last year at the Marlins game. I had just bought my camera and took about 200 pictures that night, including the one in my post a few weeks ago with my feet framing the game. I heard that here in PR, the only place where there might be fireworks would be in San Juan because that's where most people who want statehood live. In a few weeks another big holiday here we'll probably see fireworks. Puerto Rican Constitution Day.

In knitting news, I started a top called Sweetheart's shimmer. It's a pattern from South West Trading Company. That's the company that makes Karaoke (the soft yarn in beautiful colors that's made from soy). The pattern uses their bamboo and another yarn called shimmer. I ordered the bamboo and was so excited because it was sooooo soft on the skein. When I started to knit, the rows are actually rough to the touch. That's never happened to me. Did that ever happen to you??? I was considering this yarn for the Fit and Flare Trumpet Skirt from Knitting Lingerie Style by Joan Mc Gowan Michael. The book is fantastic! Any ideas for an alternate yarn choice would be appreciated. I don't want to use wool, but would like something swishy and cool! Pics tomorrow! It's too dark already here.


Que Sarah said...

I'm so glad that you got to see fireworks (and the Marlins!). I can't wait to see your top, sorry about the yarn - that totally sucks! Hope you find a nice substitute!

Carol said...

Great book huh? One word:

Joan even answers questions! How about some hemp for the skirt? It knits up really sturdy and soft.