Saturday, July 7, 2007

Buenas Noches de Borders en San Juan

Good evening all from Borders in San Juan. This place is ALWAYS hopping! I'm almost out of battery power so I'll probably need to shut down in a few minutes. I got an e-mail from Brandi who's out in the middle of the sea for at least another 5 weeks. She went on her journey prepared with plenty of yarn and patterns to work on and she sent me an e-mail today with a question for my faithful readers:

She's making the Sexy Ribbed Pullover from Big Girl Knits and was wondering if anyone knows of any errata for the pattern? I googled and found a few notes for the book, but nothing about that specific piece. Anyone got any info to share?

There's gotta be some knitters here in PR! Lookie here. Mason-Dixon Knitting right next to Debbie Bliss's Only for babies en espanol. This is great news! I'm knitting in public every chance I get to attract attention.


Que Sarah said...

I was just looking at Brandi's page and was thinking about her and how much longer she'd be gone.. thanks for the update! I couldn't find anything online about that pattern for her either =(
You're not the only person who couldn't add a title to their post.. must be something going on with Blogger.
Don't spend too much at Borders tonight!

Carol said...

Here ya go. This pattern doesn't seem to have any erratta. Perhaps she's KUI? She must be having a great time! We should be there with her! Here's a link to the publisher's site.